Why choose us?

One of the most important factor of running a successful business is choosing an accountant who is efficient, expert and updated. Somebody once said, if you don’t know where are you going, you will reach somewhere. Successful businessmen should have an up-to-date knowledge of the financial affairs of their businesses. They need to know in timely manner that they are going in right direction. Care Accountancy are not just an accountants, they are financial advisors as well available to advise you on all your financial matters whenever you need. And the best thing is that most of our advice is free if you are our regular customer. With years of experience and wealth of knowledge gained through working with different businesses, we can provide you the services which not only save you tax but help you run your business in a way that you don’t have to worry about ever changing legislation.


Nisar Ahmed

Excellent professional and friendly service.

Asif Bilal

I deal with Care Accountancy since 2010. Never had any problem. Very professional service.

Khadija Sheikh

The people and service of Care Accountancy is great.


If you want an accountant in Leeds, there is no one better than Care Accountancy. Efficient and professional approach.